Macro-level & Meta-Studies

Corruption in the Public Sector (CorPuS)

Weißmüller, K.S. & Zuber, A. (2020). ‘Behavioral Micro-foundations of Corruption - A Systematic Review.’ Working paper.

This study examines the psychological and contextual mechanisms that allow individuals to rationalize corrupt and deviant behaviors in public administration. Focusing on the micro level of the individual, this study conducts a systematic literature review to synthesize and develop theory based on empirical evidence from the research areas of socioeconomic circumstances, institutionalization, socialization, and individuals’ personality traits, attitudes, and perception. We find that contextual social structures are in fact the most influential factors for predicting individuals’ likelihood of engaging in or tolerating administrative corruption. However, a bibliometric analysis of citation networks shows that the scientific discourse is dominated by only a small number of centroid authors and publication outlets, mainly focusing on Western democracies. We identify a number of research clusters and topical blind spots and derive avenues for future research.

Matić, M. & Weißmüller, K.S. (2020). ‘Pro-social Rule Breaking in Street-level Bureaucrats: Antecentes and Motives.’ Working paper.